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Classical Arts Society of Houston has been featuring several high-caliber Indian classical musicians from India and from various parts of the United States since its inception. Please click on the link below to find out more about our programs in the past.

Classical Arts Society of Houston typically organizes the following events during each calendar year:

1. Tyagaraja Aradhana (January) - Unchavritti, Pancharatnam group rendition, Individuals paying homage to Sadguru Tyagaraja, Mini-concerts

2. Spring Music Festival (April) - Concert/dance performances by invited artistes from India/U.S. and group music/dance presentations by Houston-based senior artistes

3. Fall Youth Festival (November) - Thematic presentations and concerts by invited artistes which are organized by the Classical Arts Youth Board members

Occasionally, the Classical Arts Society also organizes events during other times of the year such as classical music concerts, dance shows or lecture demonstrations. Please check our website and/or social media announcements to learn more about these. Please contact us, via this website, with any questions that you may have pertaining to these events.

Please us the links below to know more about the events that we have conducted in the past.

Classical Arts Society of Houston is an IRS 501(c)(3) Organization with Tax ID 76-0392366

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